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Consignment Store

Consignment Store | Yours Mine & Ours - Bountiful, UT

Yours Mine & Ours is a combination of a lot of wonderful things. It’s a place where you can buy a variety of items at great prices. It’s also a goods and clothing consignment store where the things that you no longer need can be sold to make you some kind of profit.

You know that closet that is full of all kinds of old things? Well, at Yours Mine & Ours, you can put those old but in great condition things to good use. You can sell them for a certain price, with the understanding that some of the profit goes to both you and Yours Mine & Ours.

Although you may not become a millionaire simply by selling your old clothing, items and antiques at a consignment store, you will surely make more than you would if you let them sit in your house or closet. Go ahead and take some time to sort through your belongings and find the things that you haven’t worn in years, the stuff you have in your garage and the décor you no longer want. You may be able to put it to good use.

Working together with a consignment store is a great way to sell your things, as it’s a store that already draws the attention of customers and has a daily flow of clientele pass through it. Your stuff is bound to be bought with as many as 100 customers going through daily. Either way, if you don’t sell your items, you can always take them home.

Yours Mine & Ours is a company that will provide you with fair rates on any of your belongs on consignment. You can trust that you won’t find as great a percentage in profit anywhere else in Bountiful, UT. At Yours Mine & Ours, your profit from your old stuff on consignment can truly be bountiful. Visit us today!