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Antique Store

Antique Store | Yours Mine & Ours - Bountiful, UT

Some people are into amazing antiques that tell stories of times gone by and that speak of a time in history when people were different and made different things. Not everyone is into that, but some people are and for those who love to fill their home with timeless antiques, Yours Mine & Ours may soon be your favorite place to shop.

Committed to providing residents of Bountiful, UT with amazing offers on furniture, home décor and more, Yours Mine & Ours is the vintage shop where all of your antique dreams can come true.

Yours Mine & Ours is a home décor thrift shop that boasts a variety of amazing furniture and old fashioned items that can’t be found anywhere else. With a selection that is as unique as they come, you can find something special for your home that won’t be found in any catalog.

Yours Mine & Ours is becoming more popular as the years go by. Antique store regulars come in monthly, always able to find something they find suitable for their home or for them. You are sure to find something for you, whether it’s an antique clock for your living room or an old fashioned desk for your office, Yours Mine & Ours is worth visiting.

Antique jewelry and vintage clothing may also be found in our store and will definitely make you stand out from amongst all the rest. Unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else are found here at Yours Mine & Ours. We think you’ll walk out happy with your antique store purchase.

Offering appraisals and estate liquidations, you will find that Yours Mine & Ours is so much more than a thrift and consignment shop, but a business worth visiting. Call to make an appointment with us today!