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Consignment Store | Yours Mine & Ours

Yours Mine & Ours is a combination of a lot of wonderful things. It’s a place where you can buy a variety of items at great prices. It’s also a goods...

Thrift Shop | Yours Mine & Ours

Yours Mine & Ours makes shopping a pleasurable experience; one that doesn’t take a big bite out of your wallet. With great prices on clothing at this...

Antique Store | Yours Mine & Ours

Some people are into amazing antiques that tell stories of times gone by and that speak of a time in history when people were different and made...

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You’ll notice that there is a variety of products available at Yours Mine & Ours, and we know that whether you are an avid collector of antiques or simply like to shop at thrift stores for clothes, you will find something with us.

Are you setting up your new home and you’d like some affordable antique furniture and home décor to add to it? Or are you shopping for a friend’s birthday party and you need something to wear? At Yours Mine & Ours, you’ll find everything you could need to make your shopping day successful.

You are guaranteed to find an item that you like at our resale shop in Bountiful, UT. With such a large selection of amazing finds, people have been visiting and successfully shopping at Yours Mine & Ours for years.

As an antique and consignment shop, you’ll understand how true to the name our store is. With plenty of re-sales and successful consignment being had, you’ll either be able to sell your older but still in great shape goods or buy something at a great price.

If you are looking for a house warming gift, a birthday present for your sister or a cute antique for your own place, Yours Mine & Ours is definitely a place that can help you out. Whatever the occasion or reason for shopping at Yours Mine & Ours, we are sure you won’t leave empty handed. But enough talk about the store. Why not come in and see for yourself? You’ll love it!